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Coat rack, 75cm

Coat rack, 75cm

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Coat rack in a simple modern design from Denmark, Scandinavia.

These coat racks are made for you who wants a stylish modern look while still using warm materials.

The coat racks are modular and you will have to put them together by yourself. But don’t worry, it literally takes seconds. You mount the horisontal beams to the wall by screws. The vertical pegs are then inserted into the beam from above. The precise design ensures they can be securely put in place in order to hold even heavy coats. When the pegs are put in, they elegantly cover the screws. No tools, glue or tools are needed to put the coat rack together.

Wood is a living material, even after it has been dried and turned into furniture. Therefore the coat racks have been precisely sanded in order for them to be just slightly loose. This ensures they do not lock while the indoor climate changes along with the seasons.

1% of all sales are donated to The Danish Nature Fund, a government regulated fund that buys up forests in Denmark in order to secure and protect more nature untouched by humans.

Width: 75cm, height 16cm.

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