February 2023 Shoe bench

I have been sketching on this one for a long time.

I have been trying different joints, and I have been making a few in order to be able to produce them properly. Finally it is ready, and hopefully it will last for decades, generations even. I hope you like its design. Find it here.


January 2023: Corner shelf

New year - new shelf. This year at least.

If your do not have too much space, but nevertheless need somewhere to place a vase with flowers or something else, you would like to put on show - perhaps the corner shelf could be a great solution?


September 2022: Oak vase for acorns

Watching a oak grow from a tiny acorn is amazing!

That is why I in collaboration with BLÆS // Reffen Glass Studio, have made a small acorn vase blown in recycled glass. Find it in the webshop.

If you find an acorn in the forrest, bring it home and watch it grow in the vase. When it has become too big for the vase, plant in your garden or somewhere else.



May 2022: New product - small tree shelf

For a while I have been wanting to design another large shelf. And now I have. I hope you like it.

The Small tree shelf can be found in the webshop..



April 2022: This years donation to the Danish Nature Fund

The donation for 2021 to the Danish Nature Fund has been made. 1% of all sales have been donated in order to create and develop natural biotopes as well as promote the habitats of the animal and plant world. Thank you so much for all your purchases, that have made the donation possible!

Den Danske Naturfond


May 2021: New product - Large triangle shelf

The first triangle shelf I designet had three shelves. I still really like it a lot. Now it has company of not only versions with one and two shelves, but also four. The Large triangle shelf can be ordered here:


April 2021: New product mini triangle shelf

The small triangle shelf has shrunk even smaller. The HJULER DESIGN triangle shelf can now be had in a very small version with only one shelf. As always it is made in the best quality oak, in both an untreated as well as an oiled version. 

The mini triangle shelf can be found in the webshop


Februar 2021: New product, The small triangle shelf

I have been asked if the HJULER DESIGN shelf comes in other sizes. And now it does - this version is a bit smaller. It has of course been carved in the best quality oak available. This version with only two shelves in order for it to fit in where space is scarse. Perhaps at your place? 

The small triangle shelf can be ordered here.



January 2021: New product: Magnetic key holder

The latest product from HJULER DESIGN is a very simple magnetic key holder. It has a design similar to the coat racks for a good match.

Three very strong magnets have been inlayed in the key holder in order for it to hold three heavy key bunches. Two screws are needed in order to affix the key holder to the wall.

The magnetic key holder can be ordered from the webshoppen






November 2020 Product development - coat rack with strap holder

As per request from customers, I have been toying around with the idea of supplementing the coat racks with an added strap holder. Actually, it was not at all easy to find a both pretty and practical solution. I am quite happy with how it turned out, though. Send me an email, if you wish to order a coat rack with the added strap holders.

November 2020

Coat rack with strap holders from Hjuler.Design


November 2020: New website: 

Well, I realise you are here - but this website is actually quite new, only being launched in November 2020.

November 2020