I love wood. I enjoy using my hands, and I admire functional and aesthetic design. Everything on these pages has been made with great care and fun. I hope you like it.

Trees and woodworking has always been a great part of me ever since I grew up in a small town in the windswept and flat marshlands far west in Jutland. It was near Ribe, the oldest city in Denmark, famous for its beauty, vikings and as a former hometown of kings.

The name Hjuler means wheelmaker in Danish – the occupation of one of my ancestors.

Oak has always been the most interesting wood to me. I do not know why. Maybe it is the viking blood, or an inherited eye for solid wheel making material. Or maybe it is the dangerously addictive smell of tannins from freshly cut oak. Or perhaps it is just the inspiring awesomeness of old oaks that live through many more centuries, than I will.

The oak trees have a long history from the small boats of the stone age, over timbered housing to the real masters of design, the Danish cabinetmakers of the 50s and 60s. Kjaerholm, Wegner, Juhl and others who made Danish Design what it is today are among my favorites.

I hope you find something you like.



Remember when things used to last? When quality lasted generations? Well, most things made today do not.

I strive for quality, aesthetics, simplicity and functionality – and I do believe this is far better for both you and me – and the generations to come.

I hope one of my designs appeal to you, and that it will last you much longer than most.

Wood is an environmentally friendly material. It has been around forever. It is abundantly available, it is biologically degradable and it even stores carbon-dioxide.

I use wood mainly from FSC certified distributors to contribute to responsible foresting, usually from Hvalsø Sawmill.

Caring for my products is easy. You do not need to do anything, except keep them away from excessive heat and cold. Be aware that wood is an ever changing material, so the look will continue to change over time.

The workshop

I started my workshop for real, when I designed the coat rack shortly after my family and I moved into our house. We needed coat racks, and where not able to find any we really liked. So I opted to design my own. Since then many more projects have come to life.


The workshop at HJULER DESIGN