Can I get the goods faster if it is, for example, a gift??

Yes, it is often possible. Write it to me in an email before you order - then I can see if I can deliver faster. 


Are there screws included for hanging?

Unfortunately no. I have chosen not to include screws, as the right screws often depend on the type of wall to be installed.


Can the products be obtained without a fuel stamp?

Yes, they can, just write it in an email in connection with ordering. Possibly. the products can be branded in a less visible place.


When can you get your products on sale?

Unfortunately, you cannot do that. I continuously produce according to orders and not for stock. Therefore, there are no surplus items that are sold on offer or with a discount. Not even for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Singles Day or whatever it's called.


Can I be sure to get my items during Covid19?

Yes you can. HJULER DESIGN is not dependent on international freight or production, which is challenged by, among other things, due to Corona. All items are produced in my own workshop, and I have not yet had any challenges in getting good wood. I also have a lot of raw wood in stock, so you can safely order.