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Anton the Acorn Weevil

Anton the Acorn Weevil

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Meet Anton the Acorn Weevil.

Every woodworking and design shop proud of its work should have its own wooden animal. Of course, HJULER DESIGN does too.

In nature, the acorn weevil is 6-8mm long and spends its entire life in oak trees. It drills a hole in the tree’s acorn with its remarkably long snout. While drilling, its slender antennae fold up against its head, allowing it to drill deep. Then, it lays an egg in the hole, deep inside the acorn. When the egg hatches, the weevil larva wakes up surrounded by a large and delicious meal. The acorn weevil is just one of over 800 insects and animals associated with oak trees. Oak trees are incredibly important life-givers in nature.

Anton’s body and snout are carved from a single piece of fine oak wood, which, along with the legs, is oiled with a bleached linseed oil. The eyes are made of frosted black glass and the antennae are made of brass. I don’t make many, so each Anton is unique and is therefore numbered on the belly.

Latin name: Curculio Venosus

Length/height: 18cm, 7.5cm

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